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Code: 164 Information Technology (IT) Senso Awareness (OPTION 2)

With the Trust’s IT Strategy in its infancy, IT training is currently being developed with our Microsoft partners and further information will be shared via the half-termly CPD update. As the Trust is partway through the onboarding programme, training will continue to be offered at individual school level as part of the onboarding programme and the Central IT team will continue to offer support and guidance to schools.

One of the key areas that schools have identified as needing support with is the management of Senso. Senso is a cloud-based solution that not only supports network management but also supports with the school’s obligations in relation to online safeguarding by capturing and reporting online violations.

The IT Team have arranged six one-hour ‘Senso Awareness’ sessions over the academic year to enable new starters and those who have moved over to Senso as part of the on-boarding programme with the support, advice and guidance needed to navigate the system.

Essential information
Session Session date Session time Session venue Map
1 18 November 2020 10:00 - 11:00 Zoom Map